“While there will always be more patients to manage. There will never be more time to manage them.”*

Gimbel, 2012
*Gimbel, 2012, Heart Rhythm, vol 9, n°12

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Monitoring and Triaging Service

Turns data into timely, actionable insights

Frees hospital Clinical Teams to focus on what matters

The Continuous FocusONProcess

The FOCUSON™ service is built around a highly skilled team that classifies transmitted patient data based on agreed protocol and promptly notifies the physician, allowing efficient and effective patient treatment.


FOCUSON™ notifies hospital Clinical Teams with the insights they need, when they need them, using phone and email communication prioritised by colour-coding.

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Same Working Day

Red events are notified by phone and email

Next Working Day

Amber events are notified by email


Green event data is aggregated in one weekly email for efficient review and archive